About us

Australian Asian Church (AAC) is a friendly Christian church, situated in the heart of Hurstville. AAC meets together every Sunday and also in various small groups at members’ homes during the week. We are a friendly and warm family, welcoming people from all nations and backgrounds. There is a place for everyone at AAC, with activities for children, youth and adults.  It is a great place to make new friends. We look forward to the opportunity to welcome you, whether you visit just once, or find a home with us.

The Bible is the focus of our time together.  Each week we hear an engaging message from the Bible, exploring the amazing truths that it teaches us. We learn how amazing it is to be able to know God, and what his promises for us are.  The words in the Bible are living and active, and transform people’s lives, as we come face to face with the love of God in Jesus.  The truth of the Bible gives hope, meaning and purpose to life in a sometimes lonely and uncertain world.